How can you love yourself more

Loving yourself means to be accept of yourself and feel good.

Everybody wants love. Love is something that is very important to every person.  Love is what everyone desires, longs for and needs.

But what is love? Love is something that is good and positive, loyal and trustworthy.

So, today you can start yourself by being kind to yourself in every day small little things you do.
If you want more success, start doing small things and goals that you can achive in reasonable amount of time.

If you want to be kinder to yourself about your looks find something you like and proud, maybe it's your beautiful hair or eye color that you are proud about and focus on that then.

Life is very important, your life is the most important to yourself and love is what we need the most.
Also, love those who are important to you and then you will forget about yourself and you will feel better just by loving someone else too.
Find something that feels good to you and makes you happy and makes you feel loved and joyed, stay focused long enough until you will believe it's important to you enough that it makes you feel good and better.

I think it's good to learn to love yourself, practice with worst situations, practice to love yourself when it's most challenging and get better and better with such skill.  You can become great at it.
The more you love yourself, the more you feel better and happier then more people will be happier around you and they will start to love themselves and you more too.

Be enthusiastic about yourself and others. Love yourself and others. If you love yourself, will be easier to love others.  If you love others, it will be easier to love yourself too.

Make a decision today and strong intention to be more positive person who seeks for something good around you.
Love yourself, be kind to yourself more, be more loving and kinder to others too, but only to those who truly deserve it, so you wouldn't put yourself in a dangerous situation.
Be safe and love yourself, others and life around you.

Find good things everywhere and in every situation, help others.
This will make you to accept yourself more as long your intention is sincere, strong and long term.

How to feel better for who you are

Every person struggles with how they look, how successful or rich they are in life.
But how can you deal with your own self and feel better?

The first step at accepting yourself and loving yourself is to find something good about you that you love and admire.
For example, maybe you have a great body, beautiful hair, nice clothes or shoes and focus on things that you really like.

Most people feel sad about something about themselves. Some want to be shorter, others want to be taller, skinnier or larger, but the main thing is to find what makes you feel loved, beautiful and amazing.  And then stay keep on focusing on it.

Too many people change their focus and attention to a bad thing.
Try to remember something good.
This will be a good habit if you can stay focused and positive on something good.  This can be challenging at first but then it will get better and better with practice.

Also look around and find amazing things everywhere around you, amazing pets, cats, people, clothes, cars, trees, there are beautiful things all around us.
You don't have anything to loose if you stay focused on a good thing. Don't dwell on bad.
If you can do it, you will be happier than most and easier will be to a achieve things you want if you stay positive.

Also, the biggest thing is to try to be a good loving person, if you character and conscious is good and you don't do bad things in life, it will be easier for you to relax and feel good about yourself.

Base your core values on your loving character and personality more than on your looks and what you do.  This is a way to truly feel better about yourself and accept yourself.
If someone else wronged you but know that you've been the most loving you could be, that you gave your best, then you should feel good about yourself because love matters.

Always know that the more loving you are to yourself and others, it's the most best thing that you could ever do and it will make you feel better and strong.

How to start feeling better today

You see, so many people want to feel control over their life more than being happy.

If you really want to be happy, you have to start to pay attention to things that make you happy.
You see, it's all about focus and what you invite into your mind.

Look, remember, pay attention to good things. Everything has 2 sides. Which side do you want to look at more? How do you want to feel?
Can you make yourself to find positive in any situation?
This is the challenge number one to many people.

It's o'kay if life isn't perfect as you planned yet. But it's better than it could. And you got a lot from what you wanted already.
The key is to focus not on what is now and what is unwanted but to focus on what you want and what is good already.

Famous people that achieved great things in life, all of them had a great imagination.
But what if they focused all day on a bad thing then they wouldn't have time or focus for a good thing, for something they want.

So, being focused on a good thing and on your future is the key to success and to feeling better.

It's o'kay if take small steps toward progression, you will progress with time. Just start doing something! Practice your focus on what is good today. Life is too short to dwell on a bad thing.

You will start feel better also if you relax and don't stress yourself out.
Relax, get in peace with yourself and start to focus on something good that would make you feel even better.
If you like to shop then you can either shop if you have some money or imagine things you want to buy in future.
If you like to eat, think about nice dinner you will make later.

Start with something that feels good to you now.

Life is a journey and feeling good is the big part of it.  If you like to dress up then dress up. Do something that can calm and uplift your mood now and then keep on focusing on something that makes you feel better.  Don't switch your focus to negative things.

If you like to listen to music and or dance then do it. It will be the first step to feeling good.
Do something each day that feels better.
Deal with your struggles in life by practicing to finding good in every situation.

Once you make a habit for yourself, it will be much easier, it will be your new better self.

How to know if a man loves you

How to know if a man loves you.

The most simple way to know if he really loves you is if he wants to marry and married you!
And even then he might fall out of love.

When you a woman is single it's hard to know if a man loves you, but he wants to marry you and talks about marrying then he has serious intentions.

If a man doesn't talk about future together, he is probably doesn't love you and is not trying to.

Another way to know if a man loves you is if he wants to make you happy in a way that you want it.
You see, too many men want to make a woman happy only in his own selfish way, he wants her to do sexy things for him but a man who truly loves you, he cares more about what you want than what he wants.

He will want to buy you a present or food that you like.

One more way to know that he loves you is every your thought, question and answer is very important to him.  If he gladly collects all your thoughts and memories as something very important to his heart.

If a woman is very nice, if you are more loving than he is, then he might get too spoiled and focus only on his needs and not really think about you or pleasing you and he will think that you are happy.

That's why once in a while a woman needs to stress man out and tell him that there are more ways of making her happy than he thinks!
Men get too spoiled and selfish often and stop caring what woman wants, so once in a while tell him about your needs and tell him what to do for you.
But to get to that point you need to feel very comfortable with him.

Another way to know if he loves you if he enjoys to spend lots of time with you and it makes him happy.
If a man avoiding you, doesn't show much interest, if other things are more important to him than you and are and if you don't feel important to him, so it's clear sign he doesn't love you.

Love is very scarce in this world. And even if he loves you initially and excited about you at first after a few months his interest might slowly start to disappear which is quite sad. Usually women can be more loving and sustain interest longer.  So, you need to find someone who is similar to you and be able to love to capacity that you do.
Who is as generous as you are, caring as you are...such men are very rare.

If you can find at least a man who is always willing to change and improve and willing to put effort for you when you need, it means he loves you and tries.

A lot of men wouldn't even try for too long.
But if your woman always willing to compromise, willing  to improve, willing to make you happy in a way that you need and want, it means that he loves you.

21 questions to ask a girl you like

21 questions to ask a girl you like:

1) How do you think a man should treat his woman? How to show love?

2) How would you show love to your man?

3) Do you think a man should buy something for his woman? What should he buy her?

4) Do you like cats or dogs? What is your favorite pet?

5) What would be a perfect vocation for you like?

6) What is your favorite food?

7)  What would you like to do for fun?

8)  How should a man resolve a conflict?

9) How can a man show that he loves you?

10) What was the most sad about your previous relationships? Was there something that you wanted but men didn't do for you?

11) How can a man emotionally connect to a woman (or you)?

12) What do you want from men the most?

13) What was your best relationship like and what made you most happy?

14) What do you like to be called and how do you want a man to talk to you?

15) How can a man make you happy?

16) What is the best present would be like for you?

17) How do you see your future with your future husband?

18) How many kids do you want. How many pets do you want too.

19) How can a man make you feel important.

20)  Why do people break up?

21)  What are your favorite sweets, bakery and candies?

21 questions to ask a guy you like

21 questions to ask a guy you like:

1) How do you show love in a relationship?

2) Do you think it's important for a man to give gifts and presents to a woman he loves?

3) What do you think holds relationship the most?

4) What are your goals in life? And what do you want the most?

5) What would you want to do before you died?

6) What is your perfect relationship look like?

7) Where would you want to go on a perfect vocation?

8) What are your money spending habits? What do you like to buy and splurge on and what do you like to save on?

9) Would you want to have a cat or dog?

10) What do you think didn't work in your previous relationships?

11) What do you want the most from a woman. What is your biggest secret desire?

12) Are you religious? Or spiritual? What are your beliefs.

13) How would you know if a woman loves you?

14) What would you never tolerate in your relationships?

15) What do you like to do for fun?

16) What is your favorite food?

17) What is your biggest memory of your childhood and past?

18) What can make you the most sad easily?

19)  How do you think a man should treat a woman and in what way to show love?

20)  Do you think it's important to give money to a woman in marriage and serious relationship?

21)  How would you comfort a woman if she was sad or mad? And how would you resolve a conflict?

How to get over a bad break up

How to get over a really bad break up.

The only way not to sleep into deepest depression and pain is to keep on loving the image that you created before.

You see, the most pain happens when women imagine they are loved by a wonderful partner and when something doesn't work out or it breaks up, women trying to close the love that they had and replace it with pain and anger.

So, in order not to indulge into pain and suffering women need to keep on loving the image they created in their mind before.

If a woman can't focus on a good feeling, then not only pain and tears happens, but also serious health condition could follow if women are too cruel about the situation. 

Do not feel bad about yourself.  Way too many women start to feel unattractive, unwanted and all other self harm feelings about herself which isn't good.

Love and love matters are the most deepest to the soul and it's subconscious, this is the way to either feel loved the most or feel hurt the most.
Choose to love yourself and a man that you created in your mind, otherwise it can end up pretty badly and for too long.

Do not reject the love and happiness that you created within yourself during all this time.

When women start closing off love, it can effect their mental and physical body in a bad way.
Choose love and happiness no matter what.

Don't get too mad for too long. Being mad for a little while is o'kay but don't get too obsessed with a bad thought.

Find something good in a situation. For example, imagine that your man that you broke up with that he still loves you in some way, this is the easiest way to feel better.

Imagine that he just doesn't understand love and doesn't know how to give, love and care for a woman.  That he would try even he knew or could do better.  He is just not progressed enough yet.

Do anything you can to feel better.

Do you notice how you often get sick when you are mad at somebody, so try to make yourself feel good.

Breaks up are painful.  You can reject a person and love in real life, but still keep some love in your heart and mind. This is very important.

Every person experiences pain of rejection and being let down, it doesn't feel good. The more you wanted a relationship,  the hardest it would be when it is over.  Don't reject the love in your heart.
Don't go against love that you had and have.
Keep on loving in some way, it's the only way to be safe.

When you will feel love and care for a person no matter what happens between you, it's the best for you.

How to have a truly loving relationship

How to have a truly loving relationship.

It's all starts from communication and true respect.
You see, not many people are able to communicate to each other honestly, sincerely and at the same time respect each other.

Usually what happens is one person is either less nice or less sharing.
So, being able to communicate and share your thoughts and emotions and feelings in a very sincere manner is very rare.  It is so rare that most people are desperate for true understanding.

Most people are longing for approval of their thoughts and ideas and support of their desires.

If you can master and respect each other thoughts, it's a way to a good relationship.

Here is another problem. When one person isn't respectful of thoughts and ideas of another person.
Two people need to make effort to understand each other and support each other.
When one person starts to ignore questions, thoughts and ideas this is what disrespect looks like and another person will have emotional hurt and wound.

Two people need to be supportive of each other thoughts and ideas very much.  To show sincere understanding of each other and approval.  We all need and long approval of our thoughts, needs and desires, of our true selves.

Good relationship means good communication and support in action.

If you can truly speak about your needs and desires to another person and you feel supported and secure, this is a very rare feeling.  Love is when it feels safe and secure.

Love is when you are not afraid to say what you want and feel and know you will be supported for what you want.  Love is when someone listens to you and approves of your thoughts and understands your feelings.

Love is when someone is there for you, gives you attention, makes you feel safe and helps you.

Having a truly loving relationship is very hard because it requires you to be very humble.
Two people have to be humble enough to be able to understand and support each other.

Having a truly loving relationship is very rare. The best of all are mothers and children, they have the deepest understanding of each other and support. Men and women could get along too if only men were more willing to be more humble enough for it.

Very often men disrespect woman's thoughts and ideas as something not important and when it happens too many time, it ruins relationship.  Women can't be submissive at all times.  Men have unrealistic view of wanting a completely submissive woman who doesn't want anything. But women do have wants and needs and men need to try to make a woman happy.  Otherwise she will be sad and leave the relationship.

Women are more important than men want to think.  Very often men have very unrealistic views of women and relationships.  Women do have wants and desires and needs and man needs to at least try to make his woman happy.  To love and respect a woman.

What to do if you are a tall girl and awkward

What to do if you are tall and awkward girl.

You were always a child before, but then someday you grew up and kept growing and growing until you became taller than most and feel too tall and too do you do now?

What to do if you are tall and awkward and how to feel better?

First of all you need to realize that you are a woman and it means you WILL be beautiful to someone.
So try to see from eyes of those that love you and learn to love and admire yourself too.

It can be hard to accept your new self, to accept your tall height, but notice how you feel only tall when you are around other people. While you are at home, you probably just feel a normal height and nothing is awkward about you. Only when you compare yourself to others you can start judging yourself too harsh.

Being a tall girl is good.
Women are beautiful to men. Men love and admire women, all women, tall women, short, skinny, larger and etc.

But how can you love yourself and accept yourself and feel good about yourself?
Just be your best friend.
There is someone who likes how you are and you can start enjoying yourself too.

If you are a tall skinny girl or larger size, there will always someone who loves you and admires for who you are and how you look.

Every person is more eager to admire others than yourself, so it's quite normal.

Someday you might like and appreciate your uniqueness. 
This is issue and problem of many women.

Even if you had a body of a perfect woman, you will still see something wrong with you.
Most women have this body dismorphia where they wish they were prettier and were loved more.

We grow up in a tough world of lack of love. The proper admiration even from parents not many people get. Growing up without compliments and often being judged harshly can be hard.

So, start changing world for the better and start practicing good positive thoughts and find something to love and admire about yourself and others.

Women of all ages, height and weight, they all feel insecure at times about how they look and how they should be, so let's just look for a good thing in ourselves and others. This is the only way.
Try not to get too obsessed with a bad thought.

As tall girls grow they will learn to accept their own uniqueness and gain more and more confidence about themselves.  The biggest change happens to women when they become parents and learn more about love and what is really important in life, then all these worries about looks become much less important.

What you should start doing today if you want to succeed

What you should start doing today if you want to succeed

The first most powerful thing you would need to do is to have a strong powerful intention.
You see, a problem is that most people don't have enough of strong intention.

A strong intention is a certain feeling and emotion and desire that will drive you to work harder.
You also would need to obsess with your work and your thoughts.  For example, really genius people they fantasized a lot than average person and were always imagining their projects.

So, to be able to fantasize in detail and imagine every step that you need to do will be your driving force.  So, imaging your plan, and start doing and don't give up until you will see small progress in the right direction.

Only you know what way you want and need to succeed in the most happy way possible.
All others people advice might not make you happy, you need to figure out what makes you happy and go and do it.  Being able to know what you want and don't want is already a step in the right direction.

Take your job seriously.  Even if it's not a finished project yet, imagine, envision what it should be like and go from there.  Success is possible for you. Just never give up and set up realistic small goals first. When everything will start to line up for you, you will gain more and more confidence and you will want to do more and more.

The strong intention is your feeling within your soul that makes your job important for you.
What is important to you.
For some people spirituality, for others entertainment matters, so set up something that you consider is important.

Obsession is important part as well. Without getting fully focused and obsessed with it, it's hard to get anything done. So, it's o'kay if you are fully focused and obsessed, nothing wrong with it, don't prevent yourself from it.

You can also start a few projects at a time if you have a lot of time. Sometimes family and other responsibilities in life can destruct us from the things that we need to do.

You can create your own job if you really want to, but it will require a lot of faith and some effort on your part. Just be patient, passionate and work hard and give it time.  Make sure that your goals are realistic.  Some people do something that is not in demand in hopes to get famous and it never happens to them, so set up at least some realistic goals first and then feel good achieving them.

You can be successful, keep working hard, set realistic goals, find things that are in demand and go for it.  Only you know what you want to do the most.

How to know if a guy is interested in you

How to know if a guy is interested in you

To tell you truth...If you are a young woman, most guys you meet they are not interested in love and care or in you for that matter....they are more interested in what they can get out of it...some guys want just fun/sex and others want marriage.

So, to know if a guy is interested in you, you need to know what he TRULY he READY for marriage? Men usually avoid commitments until they decided they truly want marriage and serious relationship.

If you are a young pretty woman then OF COURSE men are interested in you but in what way, for fun/sex or marriage, it only depends on what he wants and ready for. Too many men just use women, but too many women want true love.

You need a man with serious intentions. This is the only way you can feel truly liked and loved.

Anyone that you will meet don't even take seriously until you get to know each other.

So, the 1st sign if a man is very interested in you, is if he wants to give you attention and talk to you every day for 1 year at least. Until then don't even think anyone is really interested.

You need a man to make you feel important.

If a man talks to you daily for a year and on various topics, answers all of your questions and tells you what he wants in life, it means he is interested.

You also need to know what YOU really want. Do you want serious relationship and marriage? If so, you need a man with the same goals in life.

There are lots of men who would love to marry a nice pretty woman, you just need to find such man.

So, always start with communication and attention, the more you get along with each other, it's better for you.  Talk, talk and talks. And then see how eager he is to meet your needs and how considering he is of you.

If you feel that you are nicer to him than he is to you, it's probably true. So, see how ready he will be to change and do tings for you. How does he want to make you happy and share his thoughts, dreams and goals with you.

You need his attention, you need him to want to talk to you every day, you need him to start talk about future and dreams together, this what will show that he is interested in you.

You will meet too many men who are not serious about you and what you want.
You will need a man who wants to give you attention, support your ideas and help you in this life. Be support, help, someone you can rely and trust to.

How to make a girl to like you

How to make a girl to like you

You see, every woman is different. She can like you but in what way and for how long?
If you want her to like you, it can be easy, but if you want her to like you forever as a lover, it can be much more complicated.

Before anything even happens a girl has to decide if you are a friend, acquaintance or a potential life partner.  If she likes you more than a friend and wants you to be her forever lover, she will have to determine if you can satisfy her main basic needs, if you are rich enough for her and if she even cares about it or not.  And how attractive you are to her.
Attraction to women matters more than all other categories.

If all basic checks you can meet, then she can definitely like you.

As long as you are nice to her, she probably already likes you.

But if you want her to like you, love you as a romantic partner, the only way for her to like you is to find out what she needs the most and give it to her.

Some women want a man to answer questions and talk a lot, others want this and gifts or money.
You need something to do for her that she desires.

Talk to her a lot and see what she likes.
If a woman likes you she will want to get presents from you for example.

Just talk to her, ask her questions and find a way to make her happy.

Some women if they REALLY like you they get mad easily. A man get confused and pull away, but it's actually a sign she likes you if she gets mad easily and every little thing that you do or don't do matters to her.
It might even mean she has crush on you.

The main thing is to see if you get along in communication first, talk to her and see if you enjoy how she talks to you and what she shares. The more thoughts and words she shares with you, it's for the better.

If she does get mad at you, be calm and patient and ask her what she wants.
When women are too shy to tell you what they truly desire, they might get mad or upset at every little thing.

Talk to her until she is comfortable to tell you what she likes and desires from a man she loves.
Then it will be very easy to make her happy.

The main thing don't run if she is a little upset or mad at you at first, when women like someone they might get more emotional, make her talk to you a lot and from her sharing everything with you, you will learn what she really likes a man to do for her.

Don't be afraid to ask questions and give her attention, if she is open, she will let you know and you will learn a lot.

How to tell if a girl likes you

How to tell if a girl likes you

Usually it's quite easy to tell if a girl likes you because she will be seeking your attention, she will smile and laugh in your presence.

Whenever you see a girl laughing too much, asking you too many questions, wants to spend more time with you and doesn't hurry to leave, it usually means she is not only like you but she likes you A LOT.

Women do get obsessed and excited and happy about men.  Usually a girl wouldn't hide she likes and will want to be close.

Just try to ask her questions and see how happy she is to answer them to you.  Talk to her more, ask her out and see if she wants to go out with you.

But the only problem you can face that she will like you, but for how long and how much.
Do you want her to be your true love and love you forever or just have a short term fun?

Whether she will love you forever will depend on how you get along, how well you communicate to each other, because women WANT a man to connect to her emotionally and let her talk and fulfill some of her dreams and goals and desires.

Here is another important part of her liking you. How much does she want you to be rich and how rich?  You see, every woman has a different desirable financial idea about her partner. At least women want a man to be more rich than she is.  So, this is something you will have to find out what she wants in a man.
Because if you are not rich enough in her mind, she might not choose you not matter how much she likes you.  Sometimes women want a certain lifestyle.

So, whether she likes you or not, it will depend on a certain girl and only taking time and learning about each other, only then you can find out if you can like and love each other for a long term.

More likely she likes you if you talk nice and give her attention.  Women love attention and they want to have a nice conversation. But only during communication you will able to discover how much she likes you or not.  It only takes time to learn about each others wants and needs.

She might have deepest wants and needs and desires and if you are a match for her, she will definitely like you.

All you have to do is to talk, communicate and try to connect to her on emotional level.

Too many times young women and girls get too bored with a man and go for older men who know what they want and can lead a woman.

How to make your woman happy

How to make your woman happy

First of all, if she chose you, it means you are more likely already make her happy than anybody she ever met before.
So, all you can do is to improve and learn how to make your woman even happier.

A woman REALLY wants you to have a DESIRE to make her happy.
She wants you to care about her and make her feel important.

She wants to feel that she really matters to you more than anything. She wants her requests and questions actually matter to you.

If a woman already chosen you, all you have to do is to prove your love in small things and details.
Always be happy about what she tells you. Answer all her questions in details.

But most of all, is to be supportive, excited about her thoughts and ideas.  Let her talk and agree with her and understand her.  She wants you to understand her feelings, her desires, her pain and experiences.  The more she talks the more she will feel closer to you.

This is emotional connection that holds relationship stronger.

Ask her questions, ask her what you can buy for her, where to take her and what you can do to make her happier.
Some women like to go to park, others want to go out for dinner, find something exciting to do for both of you and bring new good happy memories.

Maybe she wants you to talk sweet and talk more and understand and listen to her stories more.
Women find that men don't talk and don't listen to them enough.
So, show interest and excitement in what she says and what she shares with you.

Maybe she wants more attention and enthusiasm from you. Just try anything until you see a smile on her face and more happiness.

But most of all she wants to see that you are GLADLY willing to do something to make her happier.

If she likes flowers, you can buy her flowers, if she likes money, give her some extra spending cash, some women want her man to do dishes for her and help her with children and chores.

Just be willing to do anything it takes to make her happy.
She wants your willingness and concern the most.
She wants to know that she is important and matters to you a lot.

Try to make her feel loved. Talk to her and get to know her better.  Women just want love, desire and attention.  Women want you to say nice words.  Tell her how nice she is and how beautiful she is and how well she is doing everything and how you are amazed by her and happy to have her in your life.

Many women just crave you being amazed and impressed by her and obsessed by her.
Too many women want you to obsess with her.
Maybe she wants you to write her songs and poems how wonderful she is, maybe she wants more text messages from you and emails, maybe she wants you to seek her attention and initiate more fun things with her.

Just try anything you can but most important is to try to make your woman feel important, it makes women very happy.

How to know if a guy likes you

How to know if a guy likes you.

Anyone can like you but in what way and for how long? That is the real question and concern.

Every young woman wants to be liked in the best way possible for as long as possible.

The only way to know if a guy TRULY likes you, is to take time and let him know what you like and give him time to impress you.
If you deal with emotionally unavailable man then you are in trouble.
But if he really wants to like you, love you and care for you then he will do what you like.

For example, you can let him know by telling him, "I like a pizza" or "I like a certain movie" or "I like flowers" and see if he is caring and sensitive enough to do what you want and if he is interested at all in your wishes and desires.
If you are with a man who you can't even tell about your desires, then you better look for another man.

You need a man who truly cares about what you want at least to some degree. Because why would you want or need a man at all if he doesn't care and doesn't do anything you want? Noone wants to be a total slave denied of everything.

But believe it or not too many women find men who don't care about them and still stay.
Some men believe it's putting themselves down  by making a woman happy, run from those men and don't look back.
You need a man who cares about what you want, who cares about your thoughts and desires and wants to make you happy.

If you see a man doesn't try to make you happy and you are not even comfortable to say what you want or share your desires, then he is just using you and run, run, run from such men.   Too many women stay too long with a wrong man.

Keep distance with and only let him closer and closer to you emotionally if he does more and more what you want.  Too many men are using women in a very cruel way.  Too many women doing everything a man wants and he doesn't even appreciate or care about her desires.

So, the only way to teach a man to care about your desires is to keep him at distance and praise him with nice words and attention if he does something you like. But don't have sex until marriage, it's a big mistake of many women to be too eager to please a man sexually and then he will even less want to change for her.

So, remember, to keep a man at distance and only let him close if he shows that he appreciates you and does something that you want to make you happy.
If he doesn't care for your happiness or your desires, please, keep on looking for someone else.

What if you already like a man and he doesn't do what you want but you do everything for him?
Again, either break up or give him more distance or set up rules.

I like how someone said that they always start relationship with rules, this way everyone gets clear about what they want and their expectations,  I think that is the best.
Never ever get sexually involved with a man before he did something for you, because after sex he will care even less about what you want, since he will assume that he won you.

Always let a man know that you are not his yet (until marriage) so he will try to change for the better and learn to make you happy, since most men selfish and they want to get everything without giving much to a woman.
So, please, women, protect themselves from men and from them using you. Too many women are upset and crying because they gave all their love and weren't appreciated.  It happens way too much in this world.

The real reason why you are still single

The real reason why you are still single.
Do you want to know the truth?

Here is your answer. Relationships require your soul to be progressed enough to be able to appreciate another person.
Did you hear too many women say that they are only attracted to men who reject them?
Or they desire a man who don't want them?
But they guys that are interested in them they don't want.

The truth: You don't want someone who wants you. And someone you want, doesn't want you.

Similar it works for men too. Can you really appreciate a loving person?
Can you really appreciate someone nice to love and care for them too?

Another simple reason why you might be still single is that you don't search.  Too many women gave up on trying.

The truth is that too many people have too many unrealistic expectations about love.
They all want to feel amazing and special.
But true loving relationships are not going to make you feel in love head over heels, no...true loving relationships are calm and loyal and shouldn't be too stressful.

But too many people are seeking to be overwhelmed...with such expectations you will either attract an abuser or someone who rejects you.  Which is worse?

Start to pay attention to those relationships that are more calm, have more trust in them and slowly get to know each other in more peaceful manner.

Because too many women are seeking too exciting relationships full of attraction and passion, but it's a bad sign, this should be your red flag.  The more stress you feel, the more insecure you are in your relationship, the harder it's going be for you.

Go for those relationships that have less of passion but more logical sense.  Some women just get attracted to bad guys. Or some guys only get attracted to women that reject them or put them down.

So, this is why most people are single. They don't have realistic perception of love.
Most single people are very unrealistic what love should be.
Too much passion usually provides more abusive relationships.
Look for a person who would be a trustful friend and wants to love and care and improve, it will work better.

You can build a good relationship slowly, it can work even better than those passionate abusive relationships that some women crave and can't live without, it's like addiction for them.
They are addicted to that feeling of uncertaincy and stress.
Remember that it's a red flag.

Look for someone who is similar to you and who you can actually discuss things and resolve conflicts and build love that you want and need.

Are you important to your man

Are you important to your man?

This is a sad question to ask yourself? Are you really important to your man?
Does he really care about you?
Does he care about you not just in thoughts but in action too?

A man should make a woman feel important.  Remember these words.

Too many men just give a woman nice words and some attention but don't give themselves fully, don't treat a woman as important person, too focused on work often.

Are you with a man who makes you feel important, loved and cared?
The sad truth is not many women get enough appreciation, recognition, attention, from the man that they love and desire.
Do you desire a right man?

Can he desire you, care you for long enough.
But MOST important is...can he love you and care for you the way you need and desire? And can you teach him?

If you feel like your man doesn't listen to your requests, doesn't care for what you want, whether it's time, attention, questions, gifts, help...if you don't get the love you need then you need to keep on looking and don't settle for him.

Do you feel you get the love and appreciation that you need and deserve?
Don't be too nice, find a man who cares for what you want, don't give up on yourself.

Too many times women are too nice, too sweet, too eager too give and afraid even to ask.
This is very sad situation in this world.
Women need to hear that they do deserve love and care.
Women need to know that men should treat them with love and care.

A few times women tried and then gave up on searching for love in this world, they seek love and it's hard to get, until they don't seek anymore.

Most men aren't great in love, but pay attention to those who can improve and grow.
Find a man who lets you speak for what you want.
If you can't talk about anything with your man then you are not important for him enough.

Start with speaking, sharing your thoughts, tell him what you want and see if he cares for your desires at all. Some men can change if they want sincere love, but some can't.

If a man makes you feel important, makes you feel heard and listens to you what you have to say, ask and need, then keep him.

It is possible for you to feel loved if you a woman (or a man) , don't give up hope. Just be careful who you choose to be your lover.

A man should make a woman feel important.  You should make feel each other very important.
It all starts from simple communication and learning to express your true thoughts, needs and desires.

So, are you ready for love, but does your man want it too

So, are you ready for true love...but does your partner want it too

When you star a relationship the biggest most important thing to find out is if your partner sincerely wants the same what you want.  Do you both desire love?

You see, many times a woman (or a man) is ready for love, to give all of yourself to someone, to love and care and share and give and another person only takes and not ready to give.

Many times it's women are so ready to give and give and sacrifice maybe because they are more trusting, more optimistic, more wanting love and relationship.

So this is very dangerous territory. To get involved with someone who is NOT ready to love.
Too many women end up in this bad situation and horror.
For a relationship to be happy both people need to have a sincere desire AND effort to give all they want and can give to each other.

When ONE person tries to hold back this is recipe for pain and suffering for a loving person (many ties it's a woman who is more loving and giving and caring).

If a man holds back and not ready to give, this is going be a very painful experience for his partner.
This is why it's better not to be even romantic with a person you don't want to marry, it will never work.

Only when two people sincerely want to give everything they can give to each other it can work.
So, a person who withholds love, effort and affection, is a very cruel, greedy, selfish person.

All of this can be applied to any relationship, whether it's romantic, friendship, parents and children...there is always exchange of love and attention happens, effort and sincerity.

A woman can be ready for love, ready to share, give attention, give everything but a man might not even be close, such relationship will never progress to true love and care unless two people two.

Here are examples of withholding:
-Withholding of information. You ask a question and a person either avoids or doesn't enjoy to explain in detail.  A caring person will give everything he/she can to share all they can.

-Withholding of attention

-Trying not to make you feel important.

-Not wanting to know about your needs and desires.

There is a severe lack of love in this world right now. So many women desperate for love and care  get attracted to a wrong person until it's too late.

And then when a woman finds out how not ready a man is for a relationship it's often too late and a broken sad heart happens.
Intentions of the heart are very important and only time can tell you who you deal with.
Cruel intentions are not always seen at first and only time can show true colors of the heart of a person.
So, take your time and try to really get to know your each other more.