21 questions to ask a girl you like

21 questions to ask a girl you like:

1) How do you think a man should treat his woman? How to show love?

2) How would you show love to your man?

3) Do you think a man should buy something for his woman? What should he buy her?

4) Do you like cats or dogs? What is your favorite pet?

5) What would be a perfect vocation for you like?

6) What is your favorite food?

7)  What would you like to do for fun?

8)  How should a man resolve a conflict?

9) How can a man show that he loves you?

10) What was the most sad about your previous relationships? Was there something that you wanted but men didn't do for you?

11) How can a man emotionally connect to a woman (or you)?

12) What do you want from men the most?

13) What was your best relationship like and what made you most happy?

14) What do you like to be called and how do you want a man to talk to you?

15) How can a man make you happy?

16) What is the best present would be like for you?

17) How do you see your future with your future husband?

18) How many kids do you want. How many pets do you want too.

19) How can a man make you feel important.

20)  Why do people break up?

21)  What are your favorite sweets, bakery and candies?

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