21 questions to ask a guy you like

21 questions to ask a guy you like:

1) How do you show love in a relationship?

2) Do you think it's important for a man to give gifts and presents to a woman he loves?

3) What do you think holds relationship the most?

4) What are your goals in life? And what do you want the most?

5) What would you want to do before you died?

6) What is your perfect relationship look like?

7) Where would you want to go on a perfect vocation?

8) What are your money spending habits? What do you like to buy and splurge on and what do you like to save on?

9) Would you want to have a cat or dog?

10) What do you think didn't work in your previous relationships?

11) What do you want the most from a woman. What is your biggest secret desire?

12) Are you religious? Or spiritual? What are your beliefs.

13) How would you know if a woman loves you?

14) What would you never tolerate in your relationships?

15) What do you like to do for fun?

16) What is your favorite food?

17) What is your biggest memory of your childhood and past?

18) What can make you the most sad easily?

19)  How do you think a man should treat a woman and in what way to show love?

20)  Do you think it's important to give money to a woman in marriage and serious relationship?

21)  How would you comfort a woman if she was sad or mad? And how would you resolve a conflict?

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