Are you important to your man

Are you important to your man?

This is a sad question to ask yourself? Are you really important to your man?
Does he really care about you?
Does he care about you not just in thoughts but in action too?

A man should make a woman feel important.  Remember these words.

Too many men just give a woman nice words and some attention but don't give themselves fully, don't treat a woman as important person, too focused on work often.

Are you with a man who makes you feel important, loved and cared?
The sad truth is not many women get enough appreciation, recognition, attention, from the man that they love and desire.
Do you desire a right man?

Can he desire you, care you for long enough.
But MOST important is...can he love you and care for you the way you need and desire? And can you teach him?

If you feel like your man doesn't listen to your requests, doesn't care for what you want, whether it's time, attention, questions, gifts, help...if you don't get the love you need then you need to keep on looking and don't settle for him.

Do you feel you get the love and appreciation that you need and deserve?
Don't be too nice, find a man who cares for what you want, don't give up on yourself.

Too many times women are too nice, too sweet, too eager too give and afraid even to ask.
This is very sad situation in this world.
Women need to hear that they do deserve love and care.
Women need to know that men should treat them with love and care.

A few times women tried and then gave up on searching for love in this world, they seek love and it's hard to get, until they don't seek anymore.

Most men aren't great in love, but pay attention to those who can improve and grow.
Find a man who lets you speak for what you want.
If you can't talk about anything with your man then you are not important for him enough.

Start with speaking, sharing your thoughts, tell him what you want and see if he cares for your desires at all. Some men can change if they want sincere love, but some can't.

If a man makes you feel important, makes you feel heard and listens to you what you have to say, ask and need, then keep him.

It is possible for you to feel loved if you a woman (or a man) , don't give up hope. Just be careful who you choose to be your lover.

A man should make a woman feel important.  You should make feel each other very important.
It all starts from simple communication and learning to express your true thoughts, needs and desires.

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