How to feel better for who you are

Every person struggles with how they look, how successful or rich they are in life.
But how can you deal with your own self and feel better?

The first step at accepting yourself and loving yourself is to find something good about you that you love and admire.
For example, maybe you have a great body, beautiful hair, nice clothes or shoes and focus on things that you really like.

Most people feel sad about something about themselves. Some want to be shorter, others want to be taller, skinnier or larger, but the main thing is to find what makes you feel loved, beautiful and amazing.  And then stay keep on focusing on it.

Too many people change their focus and attention to a bad thing.
Try to remember something good.
This will be a good habit if you can stay focused and positive on something good.  This can be challenging at first but then it will get better and better with practice.

Also look around and find amazing things everywhere around you, amazing pets, cats, people, clothes, cars, trees, there are beautiful things all around us.
You don't have anything to loose if you stay focused on a good thing. Don't dwell on bad.
If you can do it, you will be happier than most and easier will be to a achieve things you want if you stay positive.

Also, the biggest thing is to try to be a good loving person, if you character and conscious is good and you don't do bad things in life, it will be easier for you to relax and feel good about yourself.

Base your core values on your loving character and personality more than on your looks and what you do.  This is a way to truly feel better about yourself and accept yourself.
If someone else wronged you but know that you've been the most loving you could be, that you gave your best, then you should feel good about yourself because love matters.

Always know that the more loving you are to yourself and others, it's the most best thing that you could ever do and it will make you feel better and strong.

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