How to get over a bad break up

How to get over a really bad break up.

The only way not to sleep into deepest depression and pain is to keep on loving the image that you created before.

You see, the most pain happens when women imagine they are loved by a wonderful partner and when something doesn't work out or it breaks up, women trying to close the love that they had and replace it with pain and anger.

So, in order not to indulge into pain and suffering women need to keep on loving the image they created in their mind before.

If a woman can't focus on a good feeling, then not only pain and tears happens, but also serious health condition could follow if women are too cruel about the situation. 

Do not feel bad about yourself.  Way too many women start to feel unattractive, unwanted and all other self harm feelings about herself which isn't good.

Love and love matters are the most deepest to the soul and it's subconscious, this is the way to either feel loved the most or feel hurt the most.
Choose to love yourself and a man that you created in your mind, otherwise it can end up pretty badly and for too long.

Do not reject the love and happiness that you created within yourself during all this time.

When women start closing off love, it can effect their mental and physical body in a bad way.
Choose love and happiness no matter what.

Don't get too mad for too long. Being mad for a little while is o'kay but don't get too obsessed with a bad thought.

Find something good in a situation. For example, imagine that your man that you broke up with that he still loves you in some way, this is the easiest way to feel better.

Imagine that he just doesn't understand love and doesn't know how to give, love and care for a woman.  That he would try even he knew or could do better.  He is just not progressed enough yet.

Do anything you can to feel better.

Do you notice how you often get sick when you are mad at somebody, so try to make yourself feel good.

Breaks up are painful.  You can reject a person and love in real life, but still keep some love in your heart and mind. This is very important.

Every person experiences pain of rejection and being let down, it doesn't feel good. The more you wanted a relationship,  the hardest it would be when it is over.  Don't reject the love in your heart.
Don't go against love that you had and have.
Keep on loving in some way, it's the only way to be safe.

When you will feel love and care for a person no matter what happens between you, it's the best for you.

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