How to have a truly loving relationship

How to have a truly loving relationship.

It's all starts from communication and true respect.
You see, not many people are able to communicate to each other honestly, sincerely and at the same time respect each other.

Usually what happens is one person is either less nice or less sharing.
So, being able to communicate and share your thoughts and emotions and feelings in a very sincere manner is very rare.  It is so rare that most people are desperate for true understanding.

Most people are longing for approval of their thoughts and ideas and support of their desires.

If you can master and respect each other thoughts, it's a way to a good relationship.

Here is another problem. When one person isn't respectful of thoughts and ideas of another person.
Two people need to make effort to understand each other and support each other.
When one person starts to ignore questions, thoughts and ideas this is what disrespect looks like and another person will have emotional hurt and wound.

Two people need to be supportive of each other thoughts and ideas very much.  To show sincere understanding of each other and approval.  We all need and long approval of our thoughts, needs and desires, of our true selves.

Good relationship means good communication and support in action.

If you can truly speak about your needs and desires to another person and you feel supported and secure, this is a very rare feeling.  Love is when it feels safe and secure.

Love is when you are not afraid to say what you want and feel and know you will be supported for what you want.  Love is when someone listens to you and approves of your thoughts and understands your feelings.

Love is when someone is there for you, gives you attention, makes you feel safe and helps you.

Having a truly loving relationship is very hard because it requires you to be very humble.
Two people have to be humble enough to be able to understand and support each other.

Having a truly loving relationship is very rare. The best of all are mothers and children, they have the deepest understanding of each other and support. Men and women could get along too if only men were more willing to be more humble enough for it.

Very often men disrespect woman's thoughts and ideas as something not important and when it happens too many time, it ruins relationship.  Women can't be submissive at all times.  Men have unrealistic view of wanting a completely submissive woman who doesn't want anything. But women do have wants and needs and men need to try to make a woman happy.  Otherwise she will be sad and leave the relationship.

Women are more important than men want to think.  Very often men have very unrealistic views of women and relationships.  Women do have wants and desires and needs and man needs to at least try to make his woman happy.  To love and respect a woman.

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