How to know if a guy is interested in you

How to know if a guy is interested in you

To tell you truth...If you are a young woman, most guys you meet they are not interested in love and care or in you for that matter....they are more interested in what they can get out of it...some guys want just fun/sex and others want marriage.

So, to know if a guy is interested in you, you need to know what he TRULY he READY for marriage? Men usually avoid commitments until they decided they truly want marriage and serious relationship.

If you are a young pretty woman then OF COURSE men are interested in you but in what way, for fun/sex or marriage, it only depends on what he wants and ready for. Too many men just use women, but too many women want true love.

You need a man with serious intentions. This is the only way you can feel truly liked and loved.

Anyone that you will meet don't even take seriously until you get to know each other.

So, the 1st sign if a man is very interested in you, is if he wants to give you attention and talk to you every day for 1 year at least. Until then don't even think anyone is really interested.

You need a man to make you feel important.

If a man talks to you daily for a year and on various topics, answers all of your questions and tells you what he wants in life, it means he is interested.

You also need to know what YOU really want. Do you want serious relationship and marriage? If so, you need a man with the same goals in life.

There are lots of men who would love to marry a nice pretty woman, you just need to find such man.

So, always start with communication and attention, the more you get along with each other, it's better for you.  Talk, talk and talks. And then see how eager he is to meet your needs and how considering he is of you.

If you feel that you are nicer to him than he is to you, it's probably true. So, see how ready he will be to change and do tings for you. How does he want to make you happy and share his thoughts, dreams and goals with you.

You need his attention, you need him to want to talk to you every day, you need him to start talk about future and dreams together, this what will show that he is interested in you.

You will meet too many men who are not serious about you and what you want.
You will need a man who wants to give you attention, support your ideas and help you in this life. Be support, help, someone you can rely and trust to.

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