How to know if a guy likes you

How to know if a guy likes you.

Anyone can like you but in what way and for how long? That is the real question and concern.

Every young woman wants to be liked in the best way possible for as long as possible.

The only way to know if a guy TRULY likes you, is to take time and let him know what you like and give him time to impress you.
If you deal with emotionally unavailable man then you are in trouble.
But if he really wants to like you, love you and care for you then he will do what you like.

For example, you can let him know by telling him, "I like a pizza" or "I like a certain movie" or "I like flowers" and see if he is caring and sensitive enough to do what you want and if he is interested at all in your wishes and desires.
If you are with a man who you can't even tell about your desires, then you better look for another man.

You need a man who truly cares about what you want at least to some degree. Because why would you want or need a man at all if he doesn't care and doesn't do anything you want? Noone wants to be a total slave denied of everything.

But believe it or not too many women find men who don't care about them and still stay.
Some men believe it's putting themselves down  by making a woman happy, run from those men and don't look back.
You need a man who cares about what you want, who cares about your thoughts and desires and wants to make you happy.

If you see a man doesn't try to make you happy and you are not even comfortable to say what you want or share your desires, then he is just using you and run, run, run from such men.   Too many women stay too long with a wrong man.

Keep distance with and only let him closer and closer to you emotionally if he does more and more what you want.  Too many men are using women in a very cruel way.  Too many women doing everything a man wants and he doesn't even appreciate or care about her desires.

So, the only way to teach a man to care about your desires is to keep him at distance and praise him with nice words and attention if he does something you like. But don't have sex until marriage, it's a big mistake of many women to be too eager to please a man sexually and then he will even less want to change for her.

So, remember, to keep a man at distance and only let him close if he shows that he appreciates you and does something that you want to make you happy.
If he doesn't care for your happiness or your desires, please, keep on looking for someone else.

What if you already like a man and he doesn't do what you want but you do everything for him?
Again, either break up or give him more distance or set up rules.

I like how someone said that they always start relationship with rules, this way everyone gets clear about what they want and their expectations,  I think that is the best.
Never ever get sexually involved with a man before he did something for you, because after sex he will care even less about what you want, since he will assume that he won you.

Always let a man know that you are not his yet (until marriage) so he will try to change for the better and learn to make you happy, since most men selfish and they want to get everything without giving much to a woman.
So, please, women, protect themselves from men and from them using you. Too many women are upset and crying because they gave all their love and weren't appreciated.  It happens way too much in this world.

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