How to know if a man loves you

How to know if a man loves you.

The most simple way to know if he really loves you is if he wants to marry and married you!
And even then he might fall out of love.

When you a woman is single it's hard to know if a man loves you, but he wants to marry you and talks about marrying then he has serious intentions.

If a man doesn't talk about future together, he is probably doesn't love you and is not trying to.

Another way to know if a man loves you is if he wants to make you happy in a way that you want it.
You see, too many men want to make a woman happy only in his own selfish way, he wants her to do sexy things for him but a man who truly loves you, he cares more about what you want than what he wants.

He will want to buy you a present or food that you like.

One more way to know that he loves you is every your thought, question and answer is very important to him.  If he gladly collects all your thoughts and memories as something very important to his heart.

If a woman is very nice, if you are more loving than he is, then he might get too spoiled and focus only on his needs and not really think about you or pleasing you and he will think that you are happy.

That's why once in a while a woman needs to stress man out and tell him that there are more ways of making her happy than he thinks!
Men get too spoiled and selfish often and stop caring what woman wants, so once in a while tell him about your needs and tell him what to do for you.
But to get to that point you need to feel very comfortable with him.

Another way to know if he loves you if he enjoys to spend lots of time with you and it makes him happy.
If a man avoiding you, doesn't show much interest, if other things are more important to him than you and are and if you don't feel important to him, so it's clear sign he doesn't love you.

Love is very scarce in this world. And even if he loves you initially and excited about you at first after a few months his interest might slowly start to disappear which is quite sad. Usually women can be more loving and sustain interest longer.  So, you need to find someone who is similar to you and be able to love to capacity that you do.
Who is as generous as you are, caring as you are...such men are very rare.

If you can find at least a man who is always willing to change and improve and willing to put effort for you when you need, it means he loves you and tries.

A lot of men wouldn't even try for too long.
But if your woman always willing to compromise, willing  to improve, willing to make you happy in a way that you need and want, it means that he loves you.

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