How to make a girl to like you

How to make a girl to like you

You see, every woman is different. She can like you but in what way and for how long?
If you want her to like you, it can be easy, but if you want her to like you forever as a lover, it can be much more complicated.

Before anything even happens a girl has to decide if you are a friend, acquaintance or a potential life partner.  If she likes you more than a friend and wants you to be her forever lover, she will have to determine if you can satisfy her main basic needs, if you are rich enough for her and if she even cares about it or not.  And how attractive you are to her.
Attraction to women matters more than all other categories.

If all basic checks you can meet, then she can definitely like you.

As long as you are nice to her, she probably already likes you.

But if you want her to like you, love you as a romantic partner, the only way for her to like you is to find out what she needs the most and give it to her.

Some women want a man to answer questions and talk a lot, others want this and gifts or money.
You need something to do for her that she desires.

Talk to her a lot and see what she likes.
If a woman likes you she will want to get presents from you for example.

Just talk to her, ask her questions and find a way to make her happy.

Some women if they REALLY like you they get mad easily. A man get confused and pull away, but it's actually a sign she likes you if she gets mad easily and every little thing that you do or don't do matters to her.
It might even mean she has crush on you.

The main thing is to see if you get along in communication first, talk to her and see if you enjoy how she talks to you and what she shares. The more thoughts and words she shares with you, it's for the better.

If she does get mad at you, be calm and patient and ask her what she wants.
When women are too shy to tell you what they truly desire, they might get mad or upset at every little thing.

Talk to her until she is comfortable to tell you what she likes and desires from a man she loves.
Then it will be very easy to make her happy.

The main thing don't run if she is a little upset or mad at you at first, when women like someone they might get more emotional, make her talk to you a lot and from her sharing everything with you, you will learn what she really likes a man to do for her.

Don't be afraid to ask questions and give her attention, if she is open, she will let you know and you will learn a lot.

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