How to make your woman happy

How to make your woman happy

First of all, if she chose you, it means you are more likely already make her happy than anybody she ever met before.
So, all you can do is to improve and learn how to make your woman even happier.

A woman REALLY wants you to have a DESIRE to make her happy.
She wants you to care about her and make her feel important.

She wants to feel that she really matters to you more than anything. She wants her requests and questions actually matter to you.

If a woman already chosen you, all you have to do is to prove your love in small things and details.
Always be happy about what she tells you. Answer all her questions in details.

But most of all, is to be supportive, excited about her thoughts and ideas.  Let her talk and agree with her and understand her.  She wants you to understand her feelings, her desires, her pain and experiences.  The more she talks the more she will feel closer to you.

This is emotional connection that holds relationship stronger.

Ask her questions, ask her what you can buy for her, where to take her and what you can do to make her happier.
Some women like to go to park, others want to go out for dinner, find something exciting to do for both of you and bring new good happy memories.

Maybe she wants you to talk sweet and talk more and understand and listen to her stories more.
Women find that men don't talk and don't listen to them enough.
So, show interest and excitement in what she says and what she shares with you.

Maybe she wants more attention and enthusiasm from you. Just try anything until you see a smile on her face and more happiness.

But most of all she wants to see that you are GLADLY willing to do something to make her happier.

If she likes flowers, you can buy her flowers, if she likes money, give her some extra spending cash, some women want her man to do dishes for her and help her with children and chores.

Just be willing to do anything it takes to make her happy.
She wants your willingness and concern the most.
She wants to know that she is important and matters to you a lot.

Try to make her feel loved. Talk to her and get to know her better.  Women just want love, desire and attention.  Women want you to say nice words.  Tell her how nice she is and how beautiful she is and how well she is doing everything and how you are amazed by her and happy to have her in your life.

Many women just crave you being amazed and impressed by her and obsessed by her.
Too many women want you to obsess with her.
Maybe she wants you to write her songs and poems how wonderful she is, maybe she wants more text messages from you and emails, maybe she wants you to seek her attention and initiate more fun things with her.

Just try anything you can but most important is to try to make your woman feel important, it makes women very happy.

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