How to start feeling better today

You see, so many people want to feel control over their life more than being happy.

If you really want to be happy, you have to start to pay attention to things that make you happy.
You see, it's all about focus and what you invite into your mind.

Look, remember, pay attention to good things. Everything has 2 sides. Which side do you want to look at more? How do you want to feel?
Can you make yourself to find positive in any situation?
This is the challenge number one to many people.

It's o'kay if life isn't perfect as you planned yet. But it's better than it could. And you got a lot from what you wanted already.
The key is to focus not on what is now and what is unwanted but to focus on what you want and what is good already.

Famous people that achieved great things in life, all of them had a great imagination.
But what if they focused all day on a bad thing then they wouldn't have time or focus for a good thing, for something they want.

So, being focused on a good thing and on your future is the key to success and to feeling better.

It's o'kay if take small steps toward progression, you will progress with time. Just start doing something! Practice your focus on what is good today. Life is too short to dwell on a bad thing.

You will start feel better also if you relax and don't stress yourself out.
Relax, get in peace with yourself and start to focus on something good that would make you feel even better.
If you like to shop then you can either shop if you have some money or imagine things you want to buy in future.
If you like to eat, think about nice dinner you will make later.

Start with something that feels good to you now.

Life is a journey and feeling good is the big part of it.  If you like to dress up then dress up. Do something that can calm and uplift your mood now and then keep on focusing on something that makes you feel better.  Don't switch your focus to negative things.

If you like to listen to music and or dance then do it. It will be the first step to feeling good.
Do something each day that feels better.
Deal with your struggles in life by practicing to finding good in every situation.

Once you make a habit for yourself, it will be much easier, it will be your new better self.

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