How to tell if a girl likes you

How to tell if a girl likes you

Usually it's quite easy to tell if a girl likes you because she will be seeking your attention, she will smile and laugh in your presence.

Whenever you see a girl laughing too much, asking you too many questions, wants to spend more time with you and doesn't hurry to leave, it usually means she is not only like you but she likes you A LOT.

Women do get obsessed and excited and happy about men.  Usually a girl wouldn't hide she likes and will want to be close.

Just try to ask her questions and see how happy she is to answer them to you.  Talk to her more, ask her out and see if she wants to go out with you.

But the only problem you can face that she will like you, but for how long and how much.
Do you want her to be your true love and love you forever or just have a short term fun?

Whether she will love you forever will depend on how you get along, how well you communicate to each other, because women WANT a man to connect to her emotionally and let her talk and fulfill some of her dreams and goals and desires.

Here is another important part of her liking you. How much does she want you to be rich and how rich?  You see, every woman has a different desirable financial idea about her partner. At least women want a man to be more rich than she is.  So, this is something you will have to find out what she wants in a man.
Because if you are not rich enough in her mind, she might not choose you not matter how much she likes you.  Sometimes women want a certain lifestyle.

So, whether she likes you or not, it will depend on a certain girl and only taking time and learning about each other, only then you can find out if you can like and love each other for a long term.

More likely she likes you if you talk nice and give her attention.  Women love attention and they want to have a nice conversation. But only during communication you will able to discover how much she likes you or not.  It only takes time to learn about each others wants and needs.

She might have deepest wants and needs and desires and if you are a match for her, she will definitely like you.

All you have to do is to talk, communicate and try to connect to her on emotional level.

Too many times young women and girls get too bored with a man and go for older men who know what they want and can lead a woman.

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