So, are you ready for love, but does your man want it too

So, are you ready for true love...but does your partner want it too

When you star a relationship the biggest most important thing to find out is if your partner sincerely wants the same what you want.  Do you both desire love?

You see, many times a woman (or a man) is ready for love, to give all of yourself to someone, to love and care and share and give and another person only takes and not ready to give.

Many times it's women are so ready to give and give and sacrifice maybe because they are more trusting, more optimistic, more wanting love and relationship.

So this is very dangerous territory. To get involved with someone who is NOT ready to love.
Too many women end up in this bad situation and horror.
For a relationship to be happy both people need to have a sincere desire AND effort to give all they want and can give to each other.

When ONE person tries to hold back this is recipe for pain and suffering for a loving person (many ties it's a woman who is more loving and giving and caring).

If a man holds back and not ready to give, this is going be a very painful experience for his partner.
This is why it's better not to be even romantic with a person you don't want to marry, it will never work.

Only when two people sincerely want to give everything they can give to each other it can work.
So, a person who withholds love, effort and affection, is a very cruel, greedy, selfish person.

All of this can be applied to any relationship, whether it's romantic, friendship, parents and children...there is always exchange of love and attention happens, effort and sincerity.

A woman can be ready for love, ready to share, give attention, give everything but a man might not even be close, such relationship will never progress to true love and care unless two people two.

Here are examples of withholding:
-Withholding of information. You ask a question and a person either avoids or doesn't enjoy to explain in detail.  A caring person will give everything he/she can to share all they can.

-Withholding of attention

-Trying not to make you feel important.

-Not wanting to know about your needs and desires.

There is a severe lack of love in this world right now. So many women desperate for love and care  get attracted to a wrong person until it's too late.

And then when a woman finds out how not ready a man is for a relationship it's often too late and a broken sad heart happens.
Intentions of the heart are very important and only time can tell you who you deal with.
Cruel intentions are not always seen at first and only time can show true colors of the heart of a person.
So, take your time and try to really get to know your each other more.

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