The real reason why you are still single

The real reason why you are still single.
Do you want to know the truth?

Here is your answer. Relationships require your soul to be progressed enough to be able to appreciate another person.
Did you hear too many women say that they are only attracted to men who reject them?
Or they desire a man who don't want them?
But they guys that are interested in them they don't want.

The truth: You don't want someone who wants you. And someone you want, doesn't want you.

Similar it works for men too. Can you really appreciate a loving person?
Can you really appreciate someone nice to love and care for them too?

Another simple reason why you might be still single is that you don't search.  Too many women gave up on trying.

The truth is that too many people have too many unrealistic expectations about love.
They all want to feel amazing and special.
But true loving relationships are not going to make you feel in love head over heels, no...true loving relationships are calm and loyal and shouldn't be too stressful.

But too many people are seeking to be overwhelmed...with such expectations you will either attract an abuser or someone who rejects you.  Which is worse?

Start to pay attention to those relationships that are more calm, have more trust in them and slowly get to know each other in more peaceful manner.

Because too many women are seeking too exciting relationships full of attraction and passion, but it's a bad sign, this should be your red flag.  The more stress you feel, the more insecure you are in your relationship, the harder it's going be for you.

Go for those relationships that have less of passion but more logical sense.  Some women just get attracted to bad guys. Or some guys only get attracted to women that reject them or put them down.

So, this is why most people are single. They don't have realistic perception of love.
Most single people are very unrealistic what love should be.
Too much passion usually provides more abusive relationships.
Look for a person who would be a trustful friend and wants to love and care and improve, it will work better.

You can build a good relationship slowly, it can work even better than those passionate abusive relationships that some women crave and can't live without, it's like addiction for them.
They are addicted to that feeling of uncertaincy and stress.
Remember that it's a red flag.

Look for someone who is similar to you and who you can actually discuss things and resolve conflicts and build love that you want and need.

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