What to do if you are a tall girl and awkward

What to do if you are tall and awkward girl.

You were always a child before, but then someday you grew up and kept growing and growing until you became taller than most and feel too tall and too awkward...so...what do you do now?

What to do if you are tall and awkward and how to feel better?

First of all you need to realize that you are a woman and it means you WILL be beautiful to someone.
So try to see from eyes of those that love you and learn to love and admire yourself too.

It can be hard to accept your new self, to accept your tall height, but notice how you feel only tall when you are around other people. While you are at home, you probably just feel a normal height and nothing is awkward about you. Only when you compare yourself to others you can start judging yourself too harsh.

Being a tall girl is good.
Women are beautiful to men. Men love and admire women, all women, tall women, short, skinny, larger and etc.

But how can you love yourself and accept yourself and feel good about yourself?
Just be your best friend.
There is someone who likes how you are and you can start enjoying yourself too.

If you are a tall skinny girl or larger size, there will always someone who loves you and admires for who you are and how you look.

Every person is more eager to admire others than yourself, so it's quite normal.

Someday you might like and appreciate your uniqueness. 
This is issue and problem of many women.

Even if you had a body of a perfect woman, you will still see something wrong with you.
Most women have this body dismorphia where they wish they were prettier and were loved more.

We grow up in a tough world of lack of love. The proper admiration even from parents not many people get. Growing up without compliments and often being judged harshly can be hard.

So, start changing world for the better and start practicing good positive thoughts and find something to love and admire about yourself and others.

Women of all ages, height and weight, they all feel insecure at times about how they look and how they should be, so let's just look for a good thing in ourselves and others. This is the only way.
Try not to get too obsessed with a bad thought.

As tall girls grow they will learn to accept their own uniqueness and gain more and more confidence about themselves.  The biggest change happens to women when they become parents and learn more about love and what is really important in life, then all these worries about looks become much less important.

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