What you should start doing today if you want to succeed

What you should start doing today if you want to succeed

The first most powerful thing you would need to do is to have a strong powerful intention.
You see, a problem is that most people don't have enough of strong intention.

A strong intention is a certain feeling and emotion and desire that will drive you to work harder.
You also would need to obsess with your work and your thoughts.  For example, really genius people they fantasized a lot than average person and were always imagining their projects.

So, to be able to fantasize in detail and imagine every step that you need to do will be your driving force.  So, imaging your plan, and start doing and don't give up until you will see small progress in the right direction.

Only you know what way you want and need to succeed in the most happy way possible.
All others people advice might not make you happy, you need to figure out what makes you happy and go and do it.  Being able to know what you want and don't want is already a step in the right direction.

Take your job seriously.  Even if it's not a finished project yet, imagine, envision what it should be like and go from there.  Success is possible for you. Just never give up and set up realistic small goals first. When everything will start to line up for you, you will gain more and more confidence and you will want to do more and more.

The strong intention is your feeling within your soul that makes your job important for you.
What is important to you.
For some people spirituality, for others entertainment matters, so set up something that you consider is important.

Obsession is important part as well. Without getting fully focused and obsessed with it, it's hard to get anything done. So, it's o'kay if you are fully focused and obsessed, nothing wrong with it, don't prevent yourself from it.

You can also start a few projects at a time if you have a lot of time. Sometimes family and other responsibilities in life can destruct us from the things that we need to do.

You can create your own job if you really want to, but it will require a lot of faith and some effort on your part. Just be patient, passionate and work hard and give it time.  Make sure that your goals are realistic.  Some people do something that is not in demand in hopes to get famous and it never happens to them, so set up at least some realistic goals first and then feel good achieving them.

You can be successful, keep working hard, set realistic goals, find things that are in demand and go for it.  Only you know what you want to do the most.

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